Please contact us with any questions not answered here.  We would be happy to answer them and add them to our list of FAQ where applicable.  Thank you. 

Q: Do you have free delivery in both the US and Canada.

A: Free Shipping is within the continental US only.  For our Canadian companies we can provide very reasonable shipping quotes and will work with them to ensure prompt and efficient delivery.
Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Our hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 9am to 9pm.  If you need to get in contact with us at any time, feel free to e-mail us at
Q: What makes you different from your competitors?
A: Our company is 100% dedicated to provide you with an excellent customer experience from your first visit to our website until you are comfortably utilizing your mobility aid at home and within your community. With us, your shopping experience will always be an enjoyable one, and something that is hassle-free. We strive to make sure that each of our customers is treated right and given the best quality products. It’s what we do.
Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: Yes we will always provide discounts on given items on any given day.  Visit our special deals section of the deals of the month.  Also, you can visit our blog for any discounts and special offers!